About Meditation 2.0

We offer authentic meditation techniques taught in an easy-to-learn, modern, approachable manner, through online courses, books, videos, articles, and private teaching sessions that will fit in with your life, help you solve your most pressing challenges, and help you unfold your inner potential.

We call ourselves Meditation 2.0 in recognition of an extraordinary, revolutionary development in the art and science of inner transformation, one that is happening all over the world, along with the global evolution of humanity. 

In the past — call it Meditation 1.0 — studying meditation seriously meant leaving much of the world behind. The ancient techniques of meditation were developed by sages who lived in the wilderness, or in isolated spiritual communities, far from the concerns of ordinary life, like raising children; creating vibrant, loving relationships; earning a living; and accomplishing goals that matter deeply.

Meditation 2.0 is about using spiritual power to make us better at ordinary life, enabling us to be wiser, kinder, and more harmonious with one another. No longer is humanity willing to see the world of spirit and the material world as separate and unconnected. Meditation 2.0 is a global phenomenon which is not linked to any particular school or approach to meditation. However, certain types of meditation are more geared to life in isolation, while other types of meditation are more geared toward the challenges of daily life.

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This website is the creation of Dr. Asatar Bair, a modern master of meditation. More about Asatar here.

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