Meditation for Creativity

Creating something new — whether it be art, music, business — is an amazing feeling. Our society rewards creativity now more than ever.

But creativity has its challenges. Perhaps you have experienced some of these creative difficulties:

The Meditation for Creativity eBook will help you discover and unleash your creativity through meditation. You’ll learn a set of 10 different meditation techniques that will help you to:

Meditation for Creativity is a beautifully designed, full-color eBook, which is deeply inspiring and full of powerful techniques to boost your creativity.

Meditation for Creativity also comes with 10 audio recordings.

eBook Contents + What you will learn

Part I: The Foundation of Creativity


  1. Concentration is the first lesson
  1. Find your rhythm
  1. Cultivate flow
  1. Do not resist the dark side
  1. Don’t wait for inspiration to strike -- but when it does, capture it!

Part II: Solving 5 creative problems: lack of clarity, negativity, creative obstacles, impatience, and lack of confidence

  1. How to find clarity
  1. How to overcome creative obstacles
  1. How to develop patience and calm
  • Why patience is so valuable for your creative process
  • Why meditation is so effective at developing patience
  • Meditation for Creativity Exercise #9 (with one Advanced Variation), designed to help you:
  • Learn a breathing technique that gives you the qualities of stability, endurance, calmness, and patience
    1. Believe in yourself (and what to do if you don’t)

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