Meditation Basics

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Meditation Basics is a 28-day online course which will teach you the basics of meditation. Learn at your own pace through videos, audio, beautiful images, and inspiring written teachings. Each day you’ll get an email with a new technique to study and practice.

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The course is structured so that each day you get:

Here are 41 things you'll learn in Meditation Basics.

  1. Some scientific and anecdotal evidence about the benefits of meditation for your body, mind, and spirit
  2. What are the stages of consciousness that occur in meditation, and how this relates to spiritual attainment
  3. The historical development of meditation, and the reason it makes sense to consider two distinct eras: Meditation 1.0 and Meditation 2.0, and why Meditation 2.0 is a revolutionary development in the art and science of human transformation
  4. Why posture is so important in meditation, the effects of posture on your breath, consciousness and energy dynamics, and how to sit in a chair with correct posture for meditation
  5. Why breath is the cornerstone of all methods of meditation
  6. How meditation connects the different levels of your being
  7. Why breath is related to emotion and the unconscious
  8. The relation between breath and your unique “you-ness”
  9. How breath connects you the the nature of beingness
  10. How strong emotion affects your breath, and the physiological effects this causes

  11. The benefits of training your breath, and the five aspects of optimal breathing
  12. What does it mean to breathe badly, and why it is so dangerous, yet so unlikely to be detected or diagnosed by modern medicine
  13. Why deep breathing is the key to relaxation and easing chronic stress
  14. The two aspects of your nervous system, and how deep breathing affects them
  15. Two ways that breathing deeply brings you greater self-expression (one is physical, one is emotional)
  16. A powerful practice of making a tone in order to help you develop deep breathing and learn about vocal resonance
  17. Why your stressed-out thoughts and feelings can disrupt your breathing, creating a dangerously shallow, arrhythmic pattern
  18. How a certain breath can reset your breathing to a healthier pattern, and a meditation which will teach you how to become aware of this and restore balance consciously
  19. Three reasons why slow breathing is so powerful, both physically and emotionally
  20. The connection between breathing speed and anxiety
  21. How to use movement to help you reinforce your slow breathing pattern, and why movement can help you to focus better on your breath

  22. Why rhythm is the key to healthy living, and how breath affects every aspect of your internal rhythm
  23. How rhythmic breathing brings mental benefits, improving your cognition and memory
  24. How rhythmic breathing leads to specific benefits to your cardiac health, including vagal tone, and why that is so important
  25. How rhythmic breathing affects your circulation and your body’s exchange of oxygen and carbon-dioxide
  26. Why a slower breath gives you more influence on the energy of other people and situations
  27. How breathing arrhythmically can cause energetic imbalances with negative emotional and spiritual effects Why rhythmic breathing is the key to restoring your natural internal balance
  28. How to use meditation to embrace your emotions, bringing emotional intelligence, self-healing, and greater understanding of others — most meditation schools don’t have much to teach about emotion
  29. What are the five aspects of heart-centered breathing, why it is so powerful, and a meditation exercise to help you learn them
  30. How students have used heart-centered breathing to relieve physical heart conditions
  31. Why heart-centered breathing is key for progressing toward the spiritual state of unity
  32. Why an important shift in how emotions are understood within meditative traditions is occurring as part of the movement from Meditation 1.0 to Meditation 2.0
  33. Why heart-centered breathing will bring up surprisingly strong emotions in you
  34. How heart-centered breathing, like life, will involve feeling pain, but it will also bring emotional vitality and richness
  35. How to experience the pain of your heart in a way that enhances your creativity, energizes you, and brings greater emotional intelligence
  36. How to avoid two of the biggest problems that people experience in meditation: getting spaced out and losing consciousness of your body and falling asleep
  37. Why meditation can bring up fear and how to turn your fear into an opportunity for growth using meditation
  38. How to re-train your breathing muscles in order to achieve a powerful breath
  39. Meditation exercises to help you unlock and develop the power of your breath — most meditation schools never teach these methods
  40. Why you need the power of the breath to make rapid progress in meditation
  41. How the power of your breath transforms your ability to hold emotion, the energetic form of spirit

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Meditation Basics, $49

Get this course for free with your membership to Meditation 2.0 -- click here to learn more

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