How to Develop the Greatest Psychic Power

I have heard that meditation can allow you to access psychic powers? Is that true? How is it done? — AD

Ah, psychic powers. Reading thoughts. Knowing things before they happen. Moving things with your mind. Touching fire without harm. Bending metal bars without effort.

All of this and much more is possible through meditation. Those skilled in meditation have walked on water, flown through the air, ran through the flames, and shone with blinding light. And then there is a greater power still, one that is foundational to all of these…

You can scarcely imagine the extent of the power that is latent within you. If only you truly knew what you were capable of — there are truly no limits to what you can become.

All things have their price, though.

To develop any faculty takes time and effort, often coupled with the skillful guidance of one who has attained that skill. So while it may interest you to develop psychic powers, first ask yourself: to what end?

What is it you seek by it? And is that psychic power necessary? Is it the most efficient way of getting what you really want?

For example, say you wish to develop telepathy, the ability to hear the thoughts of others. I would ask, what do you need that power for?

If you want to know what a woman is thinking, it is quite often most efficient to simply ask her. Look at her body language. Notice how you feel around her.

If you master these skills, you will probably find you don’t need clairvoyance, for people are actually dying to tell you their thoughts. The problem is that most people never really listen. If you can listen to others, you will find many who are eager to speak to you.

Do you wish to be able to see objects and people at a distance, through clairvoyance? Again, I wonder if you really need it. Can you use Google Street View instead? Perhaps you should actually visit.

When I say that all things have their price, it means that first, there is the price of the time and energy it takes to develop that skill.

Once you’ve invested the time, then there is the holding of that power. Holding power is holding responsibility. When you have a power, you are bound to use it, and then you must consider whether you are using it wisely and well.

For example, I developed an ability to work with the spirits of the dead, particularly those that are lost and confused, even those that have become deeply misguided. I found that these spirits are often attracted to me, often in places that are imbued with sacredness (as well as in places where the energy has lost its natural order and become more chaotic).

I don’t view this skill as a great gift; I view it as a responsibility and, like any responsibility it can be difficult to carry. Sometimes so many spirits come to me it’s like a crowd, each one leaving behind thoughts, feelings, and a spiritual impression.

So what is the greatest psychic power?

Here it is: to know what is inside you and what is outside you.

You might be thinking, ‘How about being able to shoot lasers from your eyes — that seems a lot cooler.’

Here’s why it’s so important to differentiate between inside and outside you.

Psychic powers all involve skills in faculties that are normally undeveloped in people, particularly in these three aspects:

  1. the ability to perceive subtle energy, meaning the ability to observe the way that energy is flowing;
  2. the ability to move that subtle energy into a different flow; and
  3. the ability to transform subtle energy into a different form.

If you want to feel what another is thinking or feeling, you must first become aware of the texture of your own thoughts. Otherwise, how will you know if your thoughts are your own or those of another?

If you want to commune with spirits, or receive intuition about the future, or even shoot lasers from your eyes, you must begin in exactly the same place: what is the energy within my body, mind, heart, and soul? What is the energy that I think of as outside myself?

As you come to know yourself, you learn the perception of energy. Your task is then to move that energy. Then there are times when energetic work best occurs through the transformation of one kind of energy into another.

Your heart is the master transformer and controller of energy, as your heart is the keystone that lies at the core of your being, uniting body, mind, soul, and spirit.

As you develop, your notion of what is within you and what is outside you begins to shift. You realize that all things are within you, as your own heart opens to become truly universal. This realization then unleashes far greater abilities.

How to do all this is a study of a lifetime.

But you have to keep in mind the goal of all this — don’t limit yourself to just having power. You also want the wisdom to use that power. To get that, you need to know who you really are.

As you make progress with meditation, you probably will develop some unusual abilities, but they will feel natural to you, as these ‘psychic’ powers are merely an outgrowth of your true nature.


Photo credit: Sean McGrath

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