Become a member of Meditation 2.0 and receive all these benefits:

Benefits of Membership in Meditation 2.0

1. Free online course

You get lifetime access to the Meditation Basics 28-day online course, which gives you an email each day for 28 days with your meditation practice and life assignment for each day. Learn more about the course --- a $49 value

2. Free ebook

You get access to one of our ebooks, to learn more about the methods of meditation, the philosophy behind them, and the ways that meditation can be used to bring powerful changes to your life. Learn more about ebooks --- a $19 value

3. Free session

A free 60-minute teaching session with Dr. Asatar Bair is included with your membership. A session with Dr. Bair will give you feedback, support, and inspiration on your journey. Learn more about sessions. --- a $200 value

4. Special members-only content

Each month, new content is added for members only, including webinars, videos, and articles. --- a $240 value

5. A members-only forum

Connect with like-minded people who practice meditation. --- priceless

6. A member's discount on all products

Enjoy a 20% discount on all products, including courses, ebooks, and sessions.

Membership in Meditation 2.0 Membership $119

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does membership last?

Membership lasts one year.

Can you access your course and ebook after that?

Yes, your access to courses and ebooks always lasts forever.

Can I renew my membership?

Yes, at the end of the year, you can renew to get access to another course, another ebook, another free session, plus access to the special members-only content, including webinars, videos, and articles, the members-only forum, and a 20% discount on all products (this is an excellent way to give a gift to a friend).

Does the 20% discount apply to sessions?

Yes, it does. We would like to encourage members to take advantage of private sessions, as it will help you to learn more and make progress.

I really want to do it, but I can’t afford the membership. Is there any financial support available?

Yes, we want everyone to be able to take advantage of the awesome power of meditation, so we set aside funds for financial aid. Please send an email to to explain your situation and how much financial support you would require. To serve everyone who needs financial support, we generally provide partial support.