Sessions with Dr. Asatar Bair

Meditation stirs up everything in your self, revealing new levels of identity, transforming your self-image, your view of the world, and your understanding of the relationship between your self and the world, bringing you new energy, inspiration, and, above all, bringing change. 

Change can be difficult to navigate and integrate, and this is where an individual session with Dr. Bair can make all the difference.

Dr. Bair brings a powerful, compassionate, loving perspective to your process. He is not a medical doctor and not a therapist, and these sessions are not intended to replace medical diagnoses or therapy. What Dr. Bair is an expert in is: 

  • the inner transformation that occurs through meditation practice;
  • using spiritual power to accomplish goals and develop self-mastery; 
  • creating and deepening intimate relationships;
  • turning challenges and difficulties into opportunities for spiritual growth; and 
  • the steps of the path of spiritual attainment. 

There are two times when sessions are especially helpful:

1. You have a real crisis going on in your life

A crisis is a time when you feel great pain, anxiety, or instability in your self and your life. It could be provoked by a change in your job, your career, or a close relationship. Or it could be provoked by inner changes, such as turning 30 (or 40), feeling lost in your life, or a sense that you need a change.

If this is the case for you, you need immediate support in making it through the crisis while helping you to see the wider context of your growth, and practical exercises to help you understand the purpose of the experience in your life. We recommend the 6 session package.

2. Your life is relatively stable, and you feel your growth has hit a plateau. You want to break through.

When your life feels stable, this is an excellent time to make a breakthrough. At times like these, a base is built up that allows you to go further. Receiving guidance and support over time as you practice meditation techniques that are selected especially for you will lead to a great acceleration in your personal growth. In this situation, we recommend the 12 session package, so you can have one session per month for one year. (This is a suggestion. You may schedule your sessions as you’d like.)

Sessions are designed around your unique energies, challenges, needs, and aspirations. Meditation techniques differ in terms of the energetic effects the technique is designed to create. But not every energy is right for you.

By working closely with you in a session, listening to you, and tuning in to your energy, Dr. Bair will use his deep knowledge of meditation to create a set of practices for you that will create the energy you need to move forward and grow into the great being that you really are. 

Sessions are one hour in length, and are typically conducted over the phone or via Skype.

One (1) session with Dr. Asatar Bair, $200

Six (6) sessions with Dr. Asatar Bair, $900

Twelve (12) sessions with Dr. Asatar Bair, $1,440