Meditation 2.0 is about cultivating inner peace and a sense of wholeness that enables you to meet the challenges of modern life, a focus that represents a revolution in self-development, for meditation has mostly been focused exclusively on methods and techniques that work best in isolation, far from the concerns of family, relationships, and goals. Learn more

To help you understand meditation, I've created an 8-part video series for subscribers on the history and practice of meditation.

Video 3 is on Sufism, which is a tradition of meditation focused on universal love.

Here's what you'll learn in this 30-minute video:

  • The history of Sufism and its relationship with the religion of Islam
  • Important Sufis from the past, including perhaps the most well-known Sufi of all time
  • The goal of all meditation techniques is the state of unity, but there are two kinds of unity, and you'll learn about each one
  • The difference between upward and downward meditation and why Sufism is the tradition of downward meditation
  • The surprising origin of the idea that the true nature of the divine is love, and why this matters for meditation
  • What is Heart Rhythm Meditation, and how does it bring together the most powerful techniques of the Sufi tradition
  • The role of emotion in meditation
  • How posture is used
  • How your intention matters
  • How you focus your attention
  • How breathing practices are used
  • and lastly, my take on the pros and cons of this type of meditation.